The success of Stonyfell Wines has been championed over time by father and son winemakers Bryan and Nigel Dolan.

Bryan lead the company as Winemaker and General Manager for 30 years and now his son Nigel is shaping the latest generation of Stonyfell wines. 


With 35 years of winemaking experience behind him, Nigel has celebrated a memorable career in Australian winemaking and considers his role as Winemaker for Stonyfell as ‘returning home’.


Having grown up beside the Stonyfell winery, often go-karting down the vineyard slopes or chasing his two brothers amongst the barrels, Nigel honed his winemaking skills through the Saltram brand first, before becoming the Stonyfell Winemaker in 2013.


To this day Nigel creates rich, full flavoured wines which pay homage to the past whilst simultaneously catering to the future of wine drinkers tastes. Nigel and Bryan remain Australia’s only winemaking father and son to win the Jimmy Watson trophy: Bryan in 1962 and Nigel in both 1992 and 2003. Today Nigel continues his family legacy by successfully shaping the Stonyfell wines for a new generation of wine lovers.