In 1858, Henry Clark purchased a vineyard nestled amongst the foothills of Adelaide.  Alongside his fiancé Annie Martin, he decided to name the area ‘Stonyfell’ after the stony slopes known as ‘fells’ in England.

The first Stonyfell wines were released in 1859. Initially produced from both Adelaide and Langhorne Creek, they quickly gained a reputation for being high quality wines, etching their way into Australian wine history.

Over 150 years have passed since the first Stonyfell wines were released, and the brand has maintained its prestigious name, becoming renowned for its innovative and excellent wines. To this day Stonyfell continues to produce wine from the finest vineyards across the country, but predominantly remains a Langhorne Creek wine.

Stonyfell wine has become synonymous with Langhorne Creek, a region that is recognised for two varietals: Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon. And it is no surprise that these are also key varietals for Stonyfell today.